Thursday, 24 October 2013

Model Insider: Innis





What are you wearing (Brands)?
Biba (Coat), Love by Asos (Dress), Blink by Asos (Boots), Good old M&S (Tights), Michael Kors (Watch), Nike (Fuel Band), James Porter & Sons (Engagement & Wedding rings) and Rennie Designs (Heart ring).

Where do you like to shop?
House of Fraser, Asos, Ted Baker, M&S, various outdoor shops… Anywhere really!

What item in your wardrobe could you not live without?
My LV leopard print scarf.

What item should you throw out but can't?
My thick black winter outdoors gloves. I think they’re actually man gloves but they’re so warm and cosy I literally can’t get rid of them. I live out in the country and am always outdoors so they’re a lifeline for my cold hands.


Favourite skin product: Lancome Bi-Facil eye make-up remover.

Favourite Lip Product: Lanolin lip balm.
Top tip: Always take your make up off no matter HOW tired you are.
Fragrance: Miracle by Lancome.


I'd love to work with: Lancome,can you tell?!
I couldn't live without: My husband, family and my house in the country.
Guilty pleasure: Champagne and watching The Real Housewives of Vancouver/ Beverly Hills/ California etc… Trash TV.
Celebrity Crush: Jessie Pavelka.
Last Purchase: Christmas presents, so I can’t tell you what they are.
I'm currently listening to: “Now That’s What I Call Running” for the gym haha.
I'm currently Reading: Excellent Women by Barbara Pym, It’s an old one.

Superior X